Initial Thoughts on Planescape Icons

Rob Donoghue has been doing a very thought-provoking series of articles on Icons in 13th Age. In case you didn’t know, Rob’s one of the best designers I’ve come across because his thought process is meticulous and yet easy to follow. Before reading this post, go and read his posts here and here.

Done with his? Good. Rob commented on one of those posts that it’d be easy to do this with the Lady of Pain and the factions in Sigil. I responded that it would be even more awesome to personify the planes themselves and have the powers be these new Planar Icons’ most powerful representatives.

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Quickfire Update

I moved the blog and some of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything since doing that. The reason is that I’ve moved physically, too! My wife and I bought a house and were involved with packing and logistics.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a bit of a status update on what’s happening and do battle with some of the tumbleweeds drifting across the blog here.

  • I’m working on a small project for Brian Engard (@Zelgadas) that’s still very early on in development.
  • I haven’t forgotten my Planescape 4E project; it’s just on semi-permanent hiatus right now. My desire has shifted away from D&D (for the moment) to other games (some of which I’ve mentioned here on the blog if you’ve been paying attention).
  • Now that I’ve moved, I’m planning on starting a gaming group at my home. I have no more details than that right now.
  • I’m also toying with the idea of starting a gaming group with coworkers during lunch. Several have expressed interest, and it would be a mixed group of varied table-top RPG (TTRPG) experience.
  • I’ve got an idea for a Night’s Black Agents scenario. I’m still in the formative stages here, but it’s been a fun idea to think through.
  • I’m attending Dragon*Con at the end of the month! This will be my first convention ever, and I’m hoping it’s a good one. If you’re planning on attending, we should link up while I’m there. I’ll try and post my schedule once it’s firmed up.

I know this is short, but hang with me, people. More posts are on the docket.